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Ohio State University Visited Mary Joy

Ohio State University delegates unveiled their interest to partnership: The Ohio State University (OSU) delegates visited Mary Joy Development Association on December 9, 2012. The delegates encompass OSU’s professors, Deans and researchers. The visit was aimed to establish partnership between MJDA and OSU on community health outreach program, volunteer mobilization and in-service training programs. The delegates visited the MJDA medical center’s activities and integrated community development programs as well as discussion has been held among the team members and MJDA’s management on the focus of the partnership and sustainability of MJDA’s health programs. The visitors were accompanied by Professor Tirusew Tefera (Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Studies, Addis Ababa University) and Dr. Mekasha Kassaye (Assistant Professor in English Language Pedagogy and Higher Education Policy and Management) and Ethiopian Medical Student Association’s Executives.

Volunteers Recognition

On the 4th of February 2012, MJDA organized a Volunteers Recognition Event to publically recognize the contribution of 200 volunteers who have been actively participating during the last 5 years to achieve the organization’s objectives.

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Networking and Partnership

The scarcity of resources and the ever burgeoning effects of globalization demands networking and partnership. Having realized this context, Mary Joy instilled mechanisms to promote networking and partnership among state and non state actors at all levels with the belief of supplementary and complementary role of the development actors. The purpose of networking is to share experiences and resources, avoid duplication of efforts, joining hands in policy advocacy, mobilizing resources, etc....

MJDA has acquainted ample practical experiences on working with various local partners among many at higher level the organization build strong partnership with Federal Ministry of Health, Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, Women, Children and Youth Ministry, Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman. At community level MJDA works with community based organizations, schools, factories, different social clubs, mass based associations such as women, youth, professional associations, micro and small scale enterprises and with different private sectors.

Community Participation

Mary Joy firmly believes that, community based organization (CBO) is a forum to get a realistic community participation in the development process. To ensure the success of its development program, Mary Joy has been promoting community based participatory Development approach in which the target community is actively involved in the process of a project cycle, i.e., problem identification, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. MJDA is also a member of Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association [CCRDA], NGO Forum for HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control, CORHA


Currently the number of donors to Mary Joy is increasing relative to its time of establishment. Some of our donors are:

  • Save the Children Norway,
  • Save the Children Denmark,
  • Pact Ethiopia,
  • Plan International,
  • World Learning,
  • United Nations Development Program/ United Nations Volunteers (UNDP/UNV),
  • United Nations Population Development Fund/UNFPA,
  • United Nations Aid For International Development (UNAIDS),
  • Planned Parenthood Federation Of America (PPFA)
  • World Food Program (WFP)
  • HelpAge International