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Ohio State University Visited Mary Joy

Ohio State University delegates unveiled their interest to partnership: The Ohio State University (OSU) delegates visited Mary Joy Development Association on December 9, 2012. The delegates encompass OSU’s professors, Deans and researchers. The visit was aimed to establish partnership between MJDA and OSU on community health outreach program, volunteer mobilization and in-service training programs. The delegates visited the MJDA medical center’s activities and integrated community development programs as well as discussion has been held among the team members and MJDA’s management on the focus of the partnership and sustainability of MJDA’s health programs. The visitors were accompanied by Professor Tirusew Tefera (Dean, College of Education and Behavioral Studies, Addis Ababa University) and Dr. Mekasha Kassaye (Assistant Professor in English Language Pedagogy and Higher Education Policy and Management) and Ethiopian Medical Student Association’s Executives.

Volunteers Recognition

On the 4th of February 2012, MJDA organized a Volunteers Recognition Event to publically recognize the contribution of 200 volunteers who have been actively participating during the last 5 years to achieve the organization’s objectives.

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Income Generating Activities

Leaving the Street Life Behind: Demekech Dejene’s Success Story

“When I was 14 I lost my parents due to reasons that I don’t know. My six brothers, my sister and I were left home alone. Fear and hopelessness took over, and we had nothing to do except look at our neighbors and wait for them to do something for us.”Read more

Shumet Shululo, 23 years oldDilla, Ethiopia

“Yesterday, when I woke up, no one said to me ‘Good morning’. Instead, I took to the streets to beg for money in order to feed my children.” Today I wake up, drink coffee with the neighbors and go to my job that pays for my children’s schooling . Read more

Sponsorship Program

When I Close My Eyes, I See My Mother

The Story of Fantahun Anagaw, now a Third Year Engineering Student at Addis Ababa University Read more

The Story of Samson Getachew

When I was a little boy I was happy and my mother cared for me. I still remember how my mother used to cherish me with endless love. I was her only child. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, she became deathly sick and sent me to my grandparents, who lived in Gojam. Because I was just a small child, I never had the opportunity to know my father or ask where he was. Then my mother passed away Read more


Volunteer Community Project

For 35 year old Sintayehu Endale, her full-time occupation is improving the well being of people living with HIV/AIDS, destitute children and senior citizens living in her neighborhood. Read more

OVC Care & Support

Habtamu Shalemo’s Success Story

Habtamu Shalemo is a 13 year-old boy. He lives in Hawassa, the capital of Ethiopia’s Southern Nations Regional State. His family rents a small house in a neighborhood called Wukiro Sefere. Habtamu has two sisters, and currently he lives with his older sister, who is 15 years old and takes care of Habtamu because they lost their biological parents when they were younger.Read more

Youth Association

Kafli Asrat

His mind has erased all living memory of his parents. People say that they died when he was a baby. The truth is when he was just 6 months old he was separated from his mom, because everybody in the family believed that she was suffering from a transmittable disease. Read more

Henok Felate

Henok Felate was once a young man on the verge of desperation, choked with overwhelming feelings of having nothing: no job, no future, no hope. A widowed mother rearing eight children without permanent income found it impossible to support him past high school. Read more

Mesay Aragie

“The youth should fight this illness and become heroes in their own lives” Ethiopia’s younger generation faces many obstacles when trying to obtain a higher education. Mesay Aragie is an example of how these difficulties force people to continue working in impoverished conditions. Mesay couldn’t pass the 12th grade exam and was forced to stay home with his poor family.Read more